Sports rehabilitation is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury as well as the treatment and recovery of patients. With the right treatment and care from a sports rehabilitation therapist, you can boost your performance and improve your mobility. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of sports massage.

1. Reduced muscle soreness

One of the most common setbacks for athletes or those who enjoy working out regularly is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is muscle pain that usually develops several hours after exercise, especially if the activity is unfamiliar. It’s believed that DOMS usually develops 12-24 hours after exercise but can cause pain for up to 72 hours. A sports massage can encourage lymph and blood flow throughout your whole body, which is known to help prevent DOMS.

2. Pain relief

It’s not uncommon for tension to build up in soft tissue after strenuous exercise, which can cause pain and affect your performance. However, sports massage can help relieve this problem by improving your flexibility – this allows your muscles to relax, making them less tight. Tightness is linked to a loss of flexibility, which can cause soreness and injuries such as a torn or pulled muscle.

3. Relaxing and invigorating

Although a sports massage offers numerous physical advantages, there are psychological benefits too. For example, enjoying a massage before your activity can be very invigorating and stretching out your muscles afterwards will help you to relax while improving your circulation.

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