Sports massage is an essential component of sports rehabilitation. This type of massage therapy was specifically designed with competitive athletes in mind. Take note that conventional massage therapy is different from sports massage therapy. A sports massage therapist goes through a more advanced level of training that delves deeper into the anatomy and physiological aspect of the human body.

A recovery tool and performance booster

Sports massage therapy concentrates on alleviating soreness, tension and pain in the body. It stimulates speedy healing and recovery after rigorous training and helps to prevent common sporting injuries.

Provides overall pain relief

Aside from being an effective sports injuries treatment, sports massage can also work wonders for the general public. Even non-athletes can suffer from physical pain, which may be a result of an accidental injury or a by-product of poor posture. Sports massage has wonderful effects for shoulders, back, neck and knees.

A secret weapon against stress and depression

An unexpected benefit of sports massage is its ability to make the patient feel better emotionally thereby reducing anxiety, agitation and anger, which can all trigger depression.

According to studies, breast cancer patients who continuously received massage therapy reportedly felt more positive afterwards. Experts suggest that this is because the physical manipulation from sports massage releases happy chemicals, such as serotonin and endorphins, into the bloodstream.

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