Photobiomodulation therapy was previously referred to has low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) and is used to encourage tissues to repair as well as calm inflammation. Some of the effects it has on the body include:


Analgesia is a state where a person cannot feel pain, which is desirable for chronic pain sufferers. Low-level laser therapy can achieve this in certain parts of the body by slowing down conduction velocity to suppress and inhibit neurogenic inflammation. Typically the effects last for a duration of two days, after which the process will need to be carried out again.

Lymphatic drainage

For those affected by Odema, which is swelling as a result of fluid build-ups, lymphatic drainage can relieve them of discomfort. Lots of evidence shows that photobiomodulation therapy is effective in inducing this and can potentially even help with things like sprained ankles and breast cancer.

Myofascial trigger points

These nodules in the body are found in bands of taut muscle and can cause joint movements to be limited as well as muscles to spasm. People who suffer from migraines and tension headaches can benefit from the treatment of these areas. Light therapy has been shown to reduce the amount of electrical activity that’s found in these key trigger points, reducing pain and discomfort. Though the process of how this happens isn’t completely understood, the results are there to be seen.

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