Modern treatments like full body massage therapy have given us more ways than ever to deal with injuries or strains. Whether it is from playing sports or the stresses or everyday life, these kinds of treatment can really help your body heal quicker. One very effective modern treatment is cold laser therapy. This sort of laser therapy is being seen more and more now in physiotherapy.

But what is it and what can it do?

Cold laser therapy explained

This sort of treatment involves using laser therapy at a low-intensity to encourage the affected areas to heal. It is known as cold laser therapy due to the low light levels not producing enough warmth to heat your muscles or tissues up. While surgical lasers heat the tissue up to treat it, cold laser therapy does not.

When you undergo this process, light is emitted at differing wavelengths and outputs at a selected area of the body. This light is then absorbed into the body which then promotes a natural healing response in the cells. The overall result is a quicker recovery time as your body’s regeneration process is stimulated by the therapy.

What type of injuries can it treat?

Sports rehabilitation is one field that makes great use of this therapy. From muscle sprains to tendonitis, ligament sprains, knee pain and more, it is widely used to help people who play sport regularly. Many sports physiotherapists also use it to reduce swelling and stimulate soft tissue healing.

This treatment is just as useful in everyday life. It is good for dealing with aches or pains in specific areas of the body along with being able to reduce inflammation and help boost blood flow. This makes it an ideal therapy for people with certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s. As it helps the tissues in your body to heal and cells to repair, it can also be used for the treatment of skin conditions too.

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